Company Info

Charisma Productions was formed in June of 2000 with the goal making technology easier to integrate into our clients' lifestyles.  Jayson Rogen and Johann Peters started off sharing a small office in Longview, Washington.  Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to producing the finest computer and Home Theater solutions available.


Johann was THX-certified at the Skywalker Ranch in California, making him one of the few people certified to design and setup a THX home theater system. He used his knowledge to begin helping customers build a better experience for their movies at home.


Jayson focused on web application development using the Coldfusion platform as well as database repair and maintenance.  His first large project was creating a new front-end for the well-known audio/video company Marantz.  After working on this project, Marantz then had Jayson develop a secure Extranet site that allowed Marantz to create logins for their dealers, distributors, service centers and press that gave access to specific files that were not available for public release. These projects started a strong foundation for web application development for Charisma Productions to build upon.


With these skills, Charisma Productions has worked with many clients and companies to produce solutions that fit their budgets while still providing outstanding service. Increasingly in today's world we find the line which separated home computers and home entertainment blurring.

Our greatest strength is helping our clients understand and use technology for both business and home entertainment.