24/7 Monitoring

Your business relies on your Server and Network to be up!  Why "hope" that everything is running as it should?  Small business owners don't always have the time to check their backups, updates and anti-virus definitions. 

Charisma Productions - 24/7 Computer Server Network Monitoring

Starting at $1 per day for server and $5 per month for workstations, Charisma Productions monitors your server’s critical functions! Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed – often involving time-consuming ‘systems fiddling’ on your part – our 24x7 monitoring will alert us to problems at your sites. 


Server Monitoring

Every five minutes, 24x7 Server Monitoring will…
  • Check that your server is up and running.
  • Check that you can connect to the internet. 
  • Check any or all of your Windows Services, vital components of your server’s operating system. Services provide, well, vital services that allow you to logon to your network, access the internet, even print your work. 
  • Ping various network devices or remote offices that you need to do your work. 
  • Check TCP ports on your network, on other networks or at your ISP. If any of these ports are failing to respond, you may be unable to connect and do your job. 
  • Check disk space to ensure it’s below a set threshold. 
  • Check RAID devices to ensure that all disks are functioning correctly and data is safe. 
  • Check your website to ensure it’s up and running and serving your customers.

Workstation Monitoring

Proactive Workstation Health Checks perform the following:
  • Checks that your antivirus is right up-to-date and keeping you safe.
  • Check that your Windows Services (the bedrock of your computer’s operating system) are operating properly.
  • Looks for unauthorized log in attempts and determines whether someone has been trying to hack into your systems. 
  • Checks to ensure you have adequate disk space remaining. Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash and involves lengthy delays to repair the device. 
  • Check that your disks are healthy and there are no integrity issues. 
  • Reviews Critical Event log entries and spots other issues.


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