Internet users don't always find you by using your website

Recently I have talked to quite a few people that have been trying to drive more traffic to their website.  They have done marketing using their site, put their site on all of their signs and business cards and are still wondering why they don't get more calls from the Internet.

Sometimes you can drive more traffic not just to your website, but to your business, by using search tools online.  The phone book used to be the easiest way to find a local business, but more and more, people are just typing in a search on their computer or phone to find a local business to help them. These local search tools will help you show up on phone-based searches (such as the Google search on both the iPhone and Andriod, and Bing search on Windows Mobile phones) as well as searches that specify a city:


All of these sites allow you to have a free listing for your business where you can enter in a description of services or good you provide, contact information, and business hours.  This will help the search engines (and anybody using those engines) link to your business much quicker.  These sites also have a comment and rating system on them.  Take advantage of this, have your customers put comments and ratings on your listing so that potential customers can see that you're a great business to deal with!

With a total investment of $0 you can take advantage of great tools that can pay off in the long run with better customer access to your business!