Web, E-mail, Exchange hosting

Charisma Productions offers competitively-price hosting packages with a more personal touch. Our packages are geared toward standard web sites, but can be adjusted to accommodate co-location and dedicated servers, as required.

Hosting packages include: 1 website with 200M of storage, 1 MySQL database, 10 e-mail accounts and 2.5G of transfer

Package Description Monthly Setup
Basic Hosting Basic Site, PHP with non-dedicated MySQL $15 $25
Dynamic Hosted Coldfusion or PHP site, dedicated MySQL server $29  $50
Additional E-Mail  10 Additional e-mail accounts  $10  $0
E-mail Only  10 E-mail accounts, POP3, SMTP $10  $25
Deluxe E-mail 10 E-mail accounts, mobile device access, Exchange push, calendar, contact syncronization, IMAP access  $20  $25
Domain Annual domain registration $1.50  $10

Additional services are also available such as FTP hosting, co-location, dedicated servers and backup e-mail services.  Please contact us for details on these services.

All hosted services are protected by an include intrusion detection system (IDS) at no additional charge.